Francisco Alfredo Weiss (Garcia) was born in Granada, Spain. Frank continues the family tradition of jewelry making. His maternal ancestors from Spain, have been in the jewelry designing and manufacturing business for over four generations. After High School, Frank helped out with his Uncle's business to subsidize his college education. He earned his BS degree with honors for Architectural Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

   Frank worked sixteen years with two of the finest jewelers in Pittsburgh. It was during his tenure that Frank realized he had a passion for jewelry design and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Frank decided to open a fine jewelry store in the town he made his home. Frank knew that he could fulfill everyone's needs in a growing area with very few options. GOLDEN CREATIONS was established in Murrysville, Pennsylvania on September of 1990.

   I still laugh whenever I think back about how quickly Murrysville accepted Frank as their "trusted hometown jeweler". This hometown atmosphere was first apparent when the townspeople would hand off their repairs to Frank when they saw him on his day off shopping at the local supermaket and say "call me when this is finished". This earned trust is something Frank hopes will never go away.

       GOLDEN CREATIONS created a network of quality diamond cutters that constantly search the world for the most competitive diamond sources. When we get the best buys, you get the best buys. My customers appreciate the value of having a professional pick the 'best of the best' for them. With the internet you do not have a professional working for you like you do at Golden Creations. (You might even go as far as saying that the diamonds on-line are what is left over after you and I picked out the best diamonds.)

     Frank went on to continue his education from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) where he is certified a gemologist. Out of pride, Frank will educate you about the "better" cuts of diamonds, although we can get other grades to suite your price range. Frank's philosophy is to get the best diamond for your budget.

Everyone says they sell at the lowest price. Give us the opportunity to PROVE IT.

       GOLDEN CREATIONS sells high quality jewelry with the latest fashions in mind. You will find designs to please every taste in a range of prices. Everyone seems to be afraid of the phrase "Custom Jewelry" but in reality, we are the craftsmen who create exquisite diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants in house. So we don't have to pay an outside source. And when we save, you save.

       When you add up all of our savings, you will find out why we can give you the best quality jewelry at the best possible price.

That is also why Frank emphasizes when you come to GOLDEN CREATIONS, you visit a jeweler, not just another jewelry store!