You Found Your Perfect Match

You finish each other’s sentences …You know what she likes….  Now it’s time to make the ring of her dreams come true.  Let the design experts at Golden Creations help with the unique design that no other girl has.  With our C.A.D. (computer aided design) process, Golden Creations can help you visualize your idea in amazing 3-D.  And when the time comes, Golden Creations can also make a perfect matching band…a perfect match – just like you and your partner.

GOLDEN CREATIONS constantly searches the world for the most competitive diamond sources. When we get the best buys, you get the best buys. Frank, a GIA certified gemologist, takes pride selling you the better "Ideal" and "Proportional" cuts of diamonds, although he can get other stones to suite your price range.

Everyone claims they have the lowest prices for diamonds, Frank says, give me the opportunity to prove it. Golden Creations will earn your trust every day to become your local jewelry store.

GOLDEN CREATIONS sells high quality jewelry with the latest fashions in mind. You will find designs to please every taste in a range of prices. Frank is the craftsman who creates exquisite diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants in house. Frank doesn't have to pay an outside source. And when he saves, you save.